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Iron Maiden 2002 Clive Burr MS Trust Fund Brixton Postergramme

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Iron Maiden 2002 Clive Burr MS Trust Fund Brixton Postergramme  M-

In 2002 Clive Burr announced he was suffering from MS, the band decided to play two benefit gigs, which quickly became three, as they sold out within 24 hours. They donated the £250,000+ profits from the concerts and merchandising to the Clive Burr MS Trust Fund and this was boosted by donations from EMI and BMG Music from the re-release of the singles Number of the Beast and Run to the Hills. The three dates were the bands only gigs in 2002 following the end of the Brave New World tour in January 2001, were they were the Friday night headliners. The performance was released in multi formats during 2002.

Measures 34cm x 24cm

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Adrian Smith, Bruce Dickinson, Dave Murray, Janick Gers, Nicko McBrain, Paul Di'anno, Steve Harris, Iron Maiden