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Blackfoot Signed 1981 Marauder Vinyl Album

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Blackfoot Signed 1981 Marauder Vinyl Album M-

Signed clearly in blue pen by Rickey Medlocke, Charlie Hargrett and Greg T. Walker to the front cover.

In spring 1969, Rickey Medlocke and Greg T. Walker met New York City native Charlie Hargrett in Jacksonville and formed Fresh Garbage, featuring Medlocke on drums and vocals, Walker on bass, Hargrett on guitar and Ron Sciabarasi on keyboards. Months later the band dissolved after Sciabarasi was drafted and sent to Vietnam. Medlocke, Walker and Hargrett regrouped and formed the band “Hammer”, with Medlocke switching to vocalist/guitarist shortly after  , after learning of another band on the West Coast named Hammer, they decided to change their name to Blackfoot to represent the American Indian heritage of its members. During the spring of 1971, Medlocke and Walker accepted an offer to join Lynyrd Skynyrd for a short period before reforming Blackfoot. Medlocke was credited on some of the early Skynyrd recordings and in 1996 re-joined them.


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