Iron Maiden Day of The Dead has Finally Arrived

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Limited Edition Label

The Trooper Day of the Dead limited edition bottles are finally in store following the announcement from Iron Maiden and Robinsons Brewery on the 20th August 2019 that a new limited edition label for their award-winning TROOPER beer would be arriving on shelves from October and would be available until the end of November.

This was followed by a further announcement on the 30th September 2019 that, to celebrate each of Maiden’s iconic studio albums, they have launched exclusive collector bottlecaps. Appearing on all Trooper beer from October and including, the limited edition Halloween inspired artwork featured on the, Trooper Day of the Dead bottles, the unique bottlecaps commemorate every record from Iron Maiden’s self-titled album, released in 1980 until 2015’s award-winning and number 1 album The Book of Souls.

Around for a limited time only, two million of the collectable bottlecaps are available globally, but fans will have to be quick off the mark, as some cap designs are more difficult to find than others. A collectors display frame has been produced to display the caps featuring Eddie as The Trooper.

Check out our eBay store for stock – eBay id relicsinrockltd – we will have at least 6 full collections of caps with collectors display frame, empty bottles and trays.

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